2013- 2014 Brochure
The Original
North Mississippi Baptist State
Congress of Christian Education

2013-14 National Theme:
Solidarity with the Savior through His Works
2013 Annual Session: March 18-24, 2013
2014 Annual Session: March 17-22, 2014

Dr. Michael O. Minor, President
Ms. Lena Dean-Bond, Vice President-at-Large
Ms. Phyllistean Albright, Secretary

The State Educational Arm of The
Mid-South Churches Cooperative Conference
National Baptist Congress of Christian Education
Part of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

Original North Mississippi Baptist State Congress of Christian Education
The Christian Education Voice of Northwest Mississippi National Baptists
Official Roster
Dr. Michael O. Minor, President
Ms. Lena G. Dean-Bond, Vice-President-at-Large
Pastor Rubin Jones, First Vice-President
Pastor Glen Newson, Second Vice-President
Rev. Randy Dandridge, Third Vice-President
Ms. Phyllistean Albright, Secretary
Ms. Sandra Jamison, Assistant Secretary
Rev. Dwight Carter, Financial Secretary
Pastor Bernard Montgomery, Treasurer
Ms. Minnie Wilkinson, H.O.P.E. Health Coordinator
TBA, Evangelism Coordinator
Ms. Latoya Goldston, Youth Director
Ms. Victoria Dandridge, Minister of Music
Pastor CJ Thomas, Immediate Past Pres.

Office of the State Dean
Dr. Michael O. Minor, Dean
Pastor Moshiu T. Knox, Director General
Ms. Mable Lawrence, State Dean-Emeritus
Ms. Prescilla Turner and Ms. Annette Dunbar, Classification Secretaries

National Baptist Convention, USA, Incorporated
Dr. Julius Scruggs, President    Dr. Calvin McKinney, General Secretary

National Baptist Congress of Christian Education
Dr. George W. Waddles, Sr., President    Dr. Elliott Cuff, Dean
Dr. Doretha Johnson, General, Secretary

Mid-South Churches Cooperative Conference
Dr. Michael O. Minor
State Convention President and State Director of Christian Education
Ms. Loretta Miller, General Secretary and Assistant State Director of Christian Education

Independent District Congresses of Christian Education
Hammond Hill
Pastor Bernard Montgomery, President
Dr. Michael O. Minor, Dean

Sardis Northeast
Pastor Rubin Jones, President
Dr. Coleman Crfawford, Jr., Dean

Vision, Mission, Goals
Vision: The State Congress’ work will reach completion at the Second Coming of Christ. In short, the vision of the State Congress is heaven (Hebrews 12.22-24; Revelation 21.2, 9-10; John 14.2).

Mission: The State Congress embraces the Great Commission (Matthew 28.19-20) as its mission seeking to save unsaved souls and help saved souls through Christian education.

Goals: Our State Congress goals are
To equip and train the people of God directly and indirectly by providing opportunities for local churches, districts, and other unions to be certified while fostering love, humility and unity;
To continue affiliation with the National Baptist Congress; and
To continue certification by the Sunday School Publishing Board (SSPB).

Brief History
The North Mississippi Baptist State Congress of Christian Education (Congress) traces its origin to the year 1938 with the expansion of the Paradise Sunday School and Baptist Training Union (BTU) under the leadership of Deacon Dan Robinson (New Hope-Walls). The BTU continued meeting annually until 1954. From 1954-1966, there was a period of inactivity. However, in 1966, the Congress was reorganized at Independent-Tyro as the North Mississippi Baptist Education Congress with Pastor L. S. Biles (Carroll Bluff) elected as president and Pastor V. B. Brown (St. Paul) as Dean.

Other Deans: Pastor T. J. Denson (1970-1977, West Antioch #2), Deacon S. D. Minor, Sr. (Mt. Calm, 1977-1988), Ms. Mable Lawrence (1988-2010, Hickory Grove), Dr. Michael O. Minor (Oak Hill, 2011-present)
Other Presidents: Pastor Jacob Davis (1987-1989, Hammond Hill), Pastor CJ Thomas (1989-2009, Pleasant Hill), Dr. Michael O. Minor (Oak Hill, 2009-present)

Annual Awards and Recognition Opportunities
Attendance Awards. The top five participating churches are given awards for overall attendance, youth, and seniors.

Deacon Dan Robinson Leadership Award. Two Christian educators from one of the member churches or supporting entities are recognized for outstanding service in the cause of Christian education. The award is named after the first president of the Sate Congress.

Collaborative Efforts
Regional Teachers’ Workshop. On the First Saturday in February, the State Congress hosts an interactive teacher workshop focused on creative ways of teaching along with an overview of the new Vacation Bible School material.

Annual Sunday School Workshop. On the Second Saturday in August, the State Congress an interactive Sunday School Workshop focused on making Sunday School transformational.
2013-2014 Representation Schedule
(Note: Only for churches not paying the Mid-South Churches Cooperative Conference quarterly support.)
Churches and Supporting Entities:
Founders Circle: $200  Class A: $175  Class B: $174 or less  Individual $25

2012-2013 Suggested Registration Fees
Officers/Staff, Teachers, Board Members/ Pastors $25
Local Church Superintendents $10*
Local Church Teachers $10*
Voting Delegates and Congress Supporters $5

President’s Challenge $25
Congress Rally $10
Youth Rally $10
*entitled to free registration to teacher workshops

2013 Christian Education Calendar
March 11-15 North Mississippi High Schools’ Spring Break
March 18-22 Mid-South Churches Cooperative Conference (State Convention)/Original State Congress: Pleasant Hill-Hernando
March 31 Resurrection Sunday
April 9-11 Sardis Northeast Christian Education Institute: TBA, 7:00 p.m.
April 24-26, day classes, SSPB Southwest 1 Regional Conference: Birmingham
June 17-21 National Baptist Congress: St. Louis.
July 22-26, Hammond Hill Congress: Pleasant Hill-Hernando
July 29-August 2 Sardis Northeast Congress: Liberty - Coldwater
August 10 Regional Sunday School Workshop: Shiloh-Southaven, 9:00 am
September 2-6 National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.: Atlanta
September 21 NBCUSA/Let’s Move!: Coldwater Community Center
September 28 State and District Congresses' Christian Education Planning Session and State Congress Board Meeting 2012 at TBA, 10 am - Noon
October 22-24 Sister Queenie Taylor CLS: Shiloh-Southaven
December 2-4 Sunday School Publishing Board December Conference: Nashville

One Mississippi Unity Conference. Annually, the State Congress joins other Mississippi National Baptists in presenting the One Mississippi National Baptist Unity Conference. This three day session features a number of regional level courses along with national level speakers and workshop leaders.